Festival Internacional
de Vilanova i la Geltrú
4th, 5th and 6th July



Vida Festival

Cultural decentralisation

Vida Festival was born in Vilanova i la Geltrú in 2014, taking over from the former Faraday Festival —the first initiative that gave a boost to the capital of Garraf as a stage for international music—.

With a renewed breath, Vida bets on cultural decentralization in our country settling in Vilanova.

This is not a festival

We want to treat our audience as people, not as units. To this end, we’ve decided to move the culture away from the city centre deploying the festival’s experience in a natural environment of great beauty, wide and open, comfortable and welcoming for everyone. In a free-of-crowds space, the performances become memorable for an audience that finds, in our festival, a unique way to imbue themselves with music and culture.

Consolidated and emerging talents

At Vida, we feel the responsibility to water our country’s growing musical talents. Thus, the performances of nationally and internationally renowned artists are interspersed with performances of debuting talents. Over the years, we have been able to prove that our careful selection of emerging artists whom we have decided to trust, eventually become headliners in our country’s music scene. Rosalía, Sílvia Pérez Cruz, Benjamin Clementine, Rigoberta Bandini, Maria Arnal, Father John Misty, Shame or Fountains DC, among many others, are examples of artists and bands that counted on our festival’s support before becoming popular.

A discovery space

Beyond the interest in attending the shows of their favourite artists, our audience also sees Vida as a discovery experience of emerging talents that will often become trendy in our territory. Here is one of the tasks that we feel most responsible for from the organization: acting as a broad window to both present and emerging cultures. And here is a unique value that defines our festival’s philosophy and that has succeeded to generate an audience committed to our project and to the support of new and cutting-edge musical initiatives.

A plural space

We want Vida to be a secure and welcoming place for everybody, a reflection of our rich and heterogeneous culture. Since its beginnings, we have set out to build a space with the capacity to welcome and account for diversity as one of our fundamental values. Therefore, we work to ensure, for all people of different ages and conditions, a positive experience in our festival, without neglecting or excluding any group or collective.

Adults and kids: Vida has adequate spaces designed for children. El Niu is a space for games, varied workshops and concerts where children can as well take part of the festival’s activities accompanied by instructors and in a natural environment.

People with functional diversity: At Vida, we move towards the effective integration of people with functional diversity. We introduce the technical aids and supports that must contribute to lower the barriers that stand in their way and guarantee a comfortable access to the different areas of the festival. We want to ensure that all our customers have access to a positive service experience, regardless of their condition.

Multiculturalism, multiracialism and LGTBI collective: Our festival represents a space for the congregation of people of different backgrounds, cultures, conditions and identities who share the experience of the festival offering each other tolerance and respect. Our code of ethics “Equality, diversity and non-discrimination” details the basic guidelines that must ensure respect between people and defines our protocol against discrimination cases.