Airu is all about sentimentalism, catchy melodies and a deep voice. Their debut EP Honestly came out in 2018. The two songs featured in it, ‘The Centre Cannot Hold’ & ‘You Cut Like Corn’ referenced a literary work (The Second Coming) and a cinematographic artwork (Tom à la ferme).

Airu’s latest releases, ‘Con las ventanas tan grandes me da vergüenza mirar’ and the more up-beat ‘Voy tan deprisa’ could be described as a musical oxymoron. Reverberated guitars, synths and warm-hearted melodies may remind the listener of a summer landscape after rainfall or even make you want to dance despite the tears. “Sour and penetrating, at the same time gripping and heartfelt, intriguingly powerful commanding vocals, swaying nostalgically through a surreal journey of dreams”