A successful producer and creator of a good number of the most representative songs of the new pop wave in our country, Alizzz, the alter ego of Cristian Quirante, has earned the recognition as one of the most prominent names in the industry thanks to an undeniable good taste in both composing and producing, and an innate talent for capturing the spirit of the moment.

He began his career in music in Berlin, taking his first steps as a DJ. Upon his return to Spain, and after making a name for himself in the national scene, his partnership with C. Tangana emerged as a producer, likely becoming one of the most outstanding and influential creative duos in the national music scene of the last decade. This gave rise to some of the most iconic songs in the urban genre and allowed both of them to establish themselves as references in Spanish music worldwide.

After a period focused on producing for other artists, in 2021 he released “Tiene que haber algo más,” his debut solo album as a vocalist and producer. This album created a perfect intergenerational pop work, highlighting the songs and the natural and honest way of narrating everyday situations without shame, while also expressing the feelings they provoke.

After a frenetic year, receiving a very warm reception from both the public and the media, and conquering all the festivals he attended thanks to his powerful live performances, he decided not to get too comfortable and released “Boicot,” a groundbreaking EP that opts for much harder sounds, providing a space to reflect the vital anguish and social criticism, all while maintaining a fresh and pop sound.