Aurora is a Norwegian singer and songwriter who at the age of twelve wrote her first song, “Runaway”, which years later saw the light of day and gained immediate recognition from artists such as Katy Perry and even prompted Billie Eilish to start making her own music when she was just twelve years old. Since this release in 2015, Aurora has released four albums, been featured on soundtracks for animated films such as Frozen II and Wolfwalkers, and has achieved platinum records, one million album sales and one billion plays worldwide. Her most recent release is the album The Gods We Can Touch which, inspired by Greek mythology, explores sophisticated themes such as empowerment, morality, shame, hate and desire. Aurora’s unique style blends electronica, synth pop and folk with ethereal productions in which vocal harmonies play a major role. A mixture that, with her soft and torrential voice, results in a personality of her own, also reflected in her original aesthetic and stage proposal and her live performances.