BOYE is the artistic name of the actor, stage creator and singer David Menéndez (Barcelona, 1989). A multidisciplinary artist who bursts into the musical scene with the EP “Boye, te queremos pero no eres nadie” (2019), five tracks produced by Arnau Vallvé that surprise for their freshness and the daring to mix genres such as hip-hop, funk or electronic with shamelessness that rubs insolence. Each of the songs also have the visual complement both an own art and a video clip by different creatives who contribute their sensibility and his talent, raising the transversal condition of the project. His lyrics move away from the cliché of the hard rapper to show us a vision of reality more human and cynical, in this constant search of the place we occupy in the world.

After publishing “VENI VIDI VICI”, a single of impact with references to the myth of Charon that takes the public to ecstasy absolute in his performances, and “NA” stretching the concept of identity to embrace the fact that we are nobody and know nothing. The new single “VAMOS A TRABAJAR”, it is the first preview of his next project which will be released this 2024. It is a tribute to the workers, a critique of fierce capitalism that forces you to be productive/does not fall off the wheel, and self-criticism that can be extended to workaholics, especially those who have a creative or artistic job and they don’t want to and can’t stop.