Franc Moody is an upbeat and comforting blend of indie, funk, nu-disco and soul. The band was formed when duo Ned Franc and Jon Moody, who knew each other from London nightlife, joined forces as musicians and producers and released their first EP in 2016, followed by their breakthrough single ‘Dopamine‘ in 2017. Over time, the duo have grown into a six-piece live band, combining elements of funk, soul and disco, and have quickly forged a reputation as one of the most promising, danceable and energetic live acts of the moment.

In 2022 they released Into The Ether, a sonically epic yet lyrically intimate album, which is their most ambitious and complete work to date.

For its creation they were inspired by Spaghetti Western soundtracks and cinematic images from films such as Mad Max and Lawrence of Arabia. According to them this album is “Our version of The Odyssey told through the lens of Sergio Leone and with a soundtrack by Enrio Morricone”.

Those who saw them at Secret Vida 2018 know that this is one of the must-see concerts of the Festival.