Galgo Lento’ is the alter ego of Catalan composer and producer Martí Galan Velasco (Terrassa, 1996). With dreamlike sounds that ride between lo-fi and metaphysical pop, all of them created in his bedroom, Martí expresses his “millennial concerns”, making references to love, an uncertain future, a lost past and a present that barely exists perfectly captured in his debut album “Días y días”.

Later, during the spring of 2022, Galgo Lento joins forces with another of the voices of the moment of the so-called “pocket poo”, Ariox, to release a joint album entitled “mama, l’amor em dona mal de cap”, an album in which the two worlds come together. It is a slow-cooked album that revolves around love and the way two young people live it in today’s world.

Galgo Lento’s second album will be released in 2023 and will be presented at VIDA.