Irene Garrido is the artistic project of Irene Garrido, one of the 100 essential emerging artists according to the English publication NME (New Musical Express). Although her style evokes artists like Rei Ami, Alice Phoebe Lou, Biig Piic or even Lily Allen, her music has an organic and addictive sound that sounds like Irenegarry.

Irenegarry’s sound is a mix of pop and R&B with a unique influence that we could call “Fresh Brit/Spanish sound”. With this style, Irenegarry gives voice to the post-millennial generation, all those young people who were born in the early 2000s and grew up in a digital world where everything seems to be urgent and unpostponable. Through his music, Irenegarry explores themes such as restlessness, loneliness and existential crises, without rushing and taking the necessary time to express his emotions.