It’s been 10 years since “Mi fábrica de Baile”, the flagship song of Joe Crepúsculo and a contemporary classic of national pop. For this special occasion, Crepus has gathered friends to form an EP with different versions of this engine that has never stopped moving. A rock version by Camellos, a cumbia version by Instituto Mexicano del Sonido, the conga version with Aaron Rux, his right-hand man in live performances and also the producer of his latest album, “Trovador Tecno” (El Volcán Música, 2022), a boogaloo version by Tito Ramírez, and Crepus’ first foray into Italian music with “La mia Industria di Ballo”.

In addition to this special release, Joe Crepúsculo has shared on his social networks the common stories with this group of friends who have taken the Fábrica de Baile to their own ground. From his arrival in Barcelona, through Mexico and a mysterious ritual in Cuba. In these emotional texts, Crepus takes a brief journey through the last 10 years, as well as his university days, which he remembers with his Italian version. In short, “Mi motor en movimiento” is a tribute to friendship, to those shared moments, and to the very special moments that “Mi Fábrica de Baile” has given us.