Jorge Drexler is a Uruguayan musician, composer and singer with a long career linked to music and the arts. During his 30-year career he has recorded fourteen studio albums and has given concerts all over the world.

Trained as a doctor, in 1995 he decided to leave his life in Uruguay behind and move to Spain to devote himself entirely to music and composition. Throughout his career, his work has won an Oscar (2005) for Best Original Song, seven Latin Grammys (2014, 2018 and 2021), a Goya Award (2011) and a Biznaga de Plata, among other awards.

Drexler’s career is extensive and lush, in his tireless spirit of search and experimentation with music and lyrics. His texts, inspired by different areas of knowledge, are multi-faceted and plunge into the world of poetry and science alike. His passion for prose and verse, tenths and words, as well as his personal skill in expressing people’s emotions, which adds to his iron will to build bridges between different cultures and to seek a link and empathy between all the societies of the modern world.

After almost five years of recording silence, in April 2022 Drexler presented his new album, “Tinta y Tiempo”. A brilliant, generous, abundant work, destined to become an essential part of his repertoire, featuring collaborations with Rubén Blades, C. Tangana, Noga Erez and Martín Buscaglia. He has recently received 9 Latin Grammy nominations, seven of them for this latest album.