Julieta Venegas is one of the greatest exponents of Spanish-language pop music.

Composer, singer and Mexican musician, she has established herself as a Latin reference worldwide.

Her great versatility and talent have led her to perform in the main stages and festivals of the world, obtaining the recognition of Gold and Platinum Disc in countries such as Mexico, USA, Italy, Argentina, Brazil and Spain.

Throughout her vast career, Julieta Venegas has been recognized with 2 Grammy Awards and 10 Latin Grammy Awards, as well as 2 Billboard Music Awards, 7 MTV Awards, among thirty other awards.

Her greatest hits Lento, Limón y Sal, Me Voy, Andar Conmigo, have become anthems for an entire generation and are still relevant today among young audiences, who discover in her voice an authentic and relatable message to identify with.

Julieta Venegas continues to conquer hits. With more than 16 million monthly listens on Spotify, she has collaborated with artists such as Tainy, Bad Bunny, Sen Senra, Dom La Nena, No Te Va a Gustar, among others.

Her feat with Tainy and Bad Bunny already has more than 535 million plays, topping the charts worldwide.

Julieta has presented her new singles “La Bostalgia”, “Mismo Amor”, “Caminar Sola”, and “En Tu Orilla” which are the preview of her long awaited next album, to be presented at Vida 2023.