Julieta is a singer and songwriter from Barcelona. She is 19 years old and studies audiovisual systems engineering. She is particularly interested in sound research and the confluence between technology and music.

She likes to experiment with the sounds of different languages and has already composed in Catalan, French, English and Spanish. Her themes are based on reflections on everyday life, small things, small gestures and details in small letters that she uses to talk about themes in capital letters.

A versatile artist, Julieta has studied theatre, dance and music. She reads poetry above all, and is inspired by nature. Nymphs, forests, gorges, lakes and mountains form the backdrop for her themes, which breathe mysticism. Music has accompanied him since childhood, but at the age of 17, when he began to compose, he already knew that this would be his passion.

Few are those who still don’t know Julieta and her fresh and carefree approach. Her second single “Tu Juru Ju” and her mini-album “Juji”, have helped her to become one of the references of the new Catalan music scene in just one year, with a proposal that, with Catalan as its vehicular language, has a musical and artistic ambition that will soon go beyond frontiers.