La Plazuela is a group whose denomination of origin is crucial. Based on popular Andalusian and especially Granadian culture, and all its imaginary, this project seeks to vindicate its roots with a current and renewed discourse whose main pillars are flamenco, electronic music and nu funk.

All musical genres fit in the city of the Alhambra, and so La Plazuela drinks from all of them through its flamenco essence, positioning itself as a generational band, reflecting the creativity of a scene that does not consider marrying itself to a single style. Flamenco is the musical genre of the street par excellence; an urban genre with the capacity to impregnate everything it touches with its imagery and sounds. La Plazuela knows this and is building a repertoire that travels from Andalusian rock to electronic flamenco without changing songs. The fusion in La Plazuela is organic and not impostured; they don’t limit themselves to adding ornamental brushstrokes to their songs, they compose from the conviction that they can do whatever they want, because everything works out well for them.