Elegant and majestic, L’Impératrice has six heads and comes from Paris. It is characterised by a taste for dance, groove with virtuoso basses, vintage synthesizers and shimmering melodies. Her latest album, Tako Tsubo is proof of this. An album that won them numerous awards, and after filling the mythical Olympia theatre in Paris on two occasions, they started a tour that led them to triumph on stages all over the world.

The broken heart syndrome is not a fictitious disorder. The phenomenon has a name: Tako Tsubo (or “octopus trap” in Japanese). It is a disorder of the senses, an emotional exhaustion, caused by an emotional overdose, be it intense sadness or dazzling joy. And modern science has not yet found a cure.

For L’Impératrice, Tako Tsubo speaks of not having a heart good enough for the times we live in. A heart that beats very strongly but with a discontinuous pulse. A heart that questions the world we live in, where social networks impose the rules, and feed the idea that we must constantly be happy, perfect and successful. Or at least, we must exhibit and appear to be so.

Tako Tsubo is a 13-track ode to ambivalent love, self-doubt, euphoria, grief, success and madness: all the symptoms that together point to Tako Tsubo syndrome. So many emotions turn us into a plaything, and leave our hearts wounded, overwhelmed, (re)inflated. But ultimately, more alive than ever.