Only a few rock bands can be deemed legendary. In the ’90s, they began playing with friends and signed with RCA in ’93, releasing their debut album, “Súper 8” – a pop with distortions and enigmatic lyrics by Jota. Then, with “Pop,” they delved into punk-pop. “Una semana en el motor de un autobús” marked an impactful and sincere work. “Unidad de desplazamiento” and “Encuentros con entidades” delivered some of their best moments. “Contra la ley de la gravedad” broke prejudices, merging rock and flamenco, paying homage to Camarón. “Cuatro palos” preceded “Una ópera egipcia,” mixing psychedelic pop. Later, “Dobles fatigas” and “2017 una Zona Temporalmente Autónoma.” In 2018, they celebrated the 20th anniversary of “Una semana en el motor de un autobús” with a symphony orchestra. In 2019, they released “Fuerza nueva” in collaboration with Niño de Elche.

Los Planetas, essential concert.

This planetary conjunction is characterised by its quintessence, that invisible substance that is formed from the precise combination of J and Florent. The duo from Granada is presented in a concentrated live format, without losing strength or intensity, but almost without physical weight.

In this format, J and Florent are accompanied only by pianist David Montañés, who brings an epic delicacy to the performances. Together, they wonderfully recreate the best Spanish pop songbook of the last thirty years.

This planetary conjunction is unprecedented and thrilling. It is an exceptional encounter that allows us to immerse ourselves in the music of Los Planetas in a unique and exciting way.