Mama Dousha is one of the most promising new Catalan creations in the country. Their unique fusion of pop, electronica, and singer-songwriter style has carved out a niche within the bustling Catalan music scene. “Rikiti”, their calling card, has been one of the most listened-to Catalan songs of 2023. It has spent weeks on the list of the 50 most viral songs in the country and has reached number 1 on Shazam in Catalonia, a chart it entered in September and still remains on. “Segur que m’equivoco” was their first EP, featuring “Rikiti” but also three other songs, among which “L’amor No està de moda” stands out, a track that features a collaboration with Joan Garriga. During 2024, Mama Dousha will release their second EP and is sure to continue surprising us all with their distinctive sound, which, for some reason, is so addictive.