Maria Hein is a young woman from Felanitx (Mallorca) who has spent years training as a pianist, playing the guitar and, recently, experimenting and creating her own lyrics and melodies. And let’s be honest, this new Balearic discovery has already earned her place on the Mallorcan musical podium.

The warmth with which Maria Hein presents Continent i contingut, her debut album, is balanced with the solemnity and pristine sound of all her songs, which emanate a mixture of simplicity and nostalgia, with the unbeatable touch of Balearic nature. Ten songs in which Maria Hein accumulates thoughts, problems and doubts, like a cup that has begun to overflow and needs to let the water run out. And she does so accompanied by a minimalist instrumentation, which discreetly joins the words of Maria Hein, who interprets the songs in a cautious and reserved way, as if she were revealing a secret.

With the help of Ferran Palau, she has constructed this timeless, warm and welcoming sonority. And this is how María Hein enters our heads, cautious, like a new guest who doesn’t want to make us uncomfortable. But without our noticing, she slowly settles in and stays in our memory, because, at the end of the day, her stories are our stories. Continent i contingut contenido is a debut album that outlines a resounding trajectory, a firm commitment, a unique, breathtaking magic.