British musician Matt Maltese composes chamber pop songs infused with melodic richness and echoes of ’60s psychedelia, describing his style as “Brexit pop.” He debuted in 2015 with the piano ballad “Even If It’s A Lie.” His discography includes “Bad Contestant” (2018), “Krystal” (2019), and “Good Morning, It’s Now Tomorrow” (2021). Maltese’s lyrics delve into the banality and loneliness of life, exemplified in the dystopian track “As The World Caves In.” His third album, released in October 2021, features singles like “Mystery” and “Shoe.” In 2022, he released the EP “Quiet Recordings,” offering tranquil reinterpretations of his songs with piano and choruses, showcasing his ability to evoke emotions. This 2023 sees the release of his new album “Driving just to drive,” which we’ll have the chance to hear live at the 10th edition of Vida.