After months of introspection, Núria Graham returns with a record under her arm produced by herself and simmered. Edited by the prestigious American record label Verve Forecast by the hand of New Deal, together with Primavera Labels and Universal Music, this is a new work that represents a change of course in his musical career so far.

With Cyclamen, Graham is inspired by imaginary fables, premonitory dreams and messages from nature. Recorded between the dining room at home and the studio, with the help of his sound engineer Jordi Mora and starting from the piano and classical guitar, the album’s arrangements (in which Helena Cànoves, also from Vigatana, collaborates) they transport us to a new world in which the strings, the bassoon, the harp, the double bass, the flute and the saxophones are characters in this dreamlike and circular journey. The voice works as a thread and catalyst of a timeless story.

The live show will feature a new special lineup, with Anna Godoy on harp, Magalí Datzira on double bass, Marcel.lí Bayer on clarinet and sax, Jordi Matas on guitar and Núria Maynou on cello. A new reinterpretation of the album, with her at the helm as pianist, guitarist, singer and director of this ambitious ensemble.