OKDW is the project of Virts Martos, an artist based in Cubellas. Combining an amalgam of styles ranging from R&B, soul, jazz and pop, OKDW has no problem talking openly about the contradictory realities in which the new generations are immersed.

08880 is the title of his first LP where he mixes music that makes you dance and have fun, while at the same time reflecting on the moves of Generation Z: LGTBI+ relationships, mental health and how to survive the fast-paced society of which we are a part. Three artists with very different backgrounds and styles collaborate in this work: Andrea Motis, Neus Ballbé and Anwar Malviaje. Peter Party also participates as musical producer, nominated and winner of a Latin Grammy in the category Best Alternative Music Album. With a very personal language OKDW is one of the best candidates to nurture the national scene whose sound has not yet been heard in Catalan.