Their proposal is special; a pop filled with edges and fantasy where it’s impossible to get bored, with great melodies, arrangements, and an overflowing imagination. We are in the presence of artists with an enormous trajectory ahead of them. They handle their own musical language, mature, fresh, and tremendously entertaining. They already have a handful of hits in their repertoire and are poised to be one of the great news in Spanish pop in the coming years, as they are creative, effervescent, unprejudiced, brainless, illuminated, brilliant, fun, exciting, and energetic. They have just released their first album and have already toured half the peninsula with a series of festivals and concerts where they have won over the audience and critics with their live performances, as Adriana and Paula are actresses, and it shows on stage; they have a natural sympathy and talent for entertaining, addressing the audience, and moving them. It’s PIPIOLAS’ moment.