Queralt Lahoz is, without a doubt, one of the musical sensations of the moment.

Queralt Lahoz’s music is imbued with Latin, folk and urban influences. Soul, hip hopand dancehall converge naturally and gracefully, framed by spontaneous overtones ofcobla and bolero inseperable from both her personal and musical background inflamenco.Born in Santa Coloma de Gramanet, a focal point for Andalusian immigrationon the outskirts of Barcelona (where much of her family migrated to from Granada),she draws on the traditions and family tree of the working-class women in her life,intricately weaving together past, present and future to give her output an unequivocalidentity of its own. Through this combination, Queralt Lahoz defies conventionalisms,and conveys the strength and fragility that only a true survivor possesses.

Queralt Lahoz is one of the most promising voices on the scene, capable of giving lifeto everything from classic bolero to the purest 90s rap, as has been clearly captured onher debut record. Pureza (SIL Records & Cos-ta Futuro, 2021) is the first album by theCatalan artist, released in May 2020. An album unabashedly full of attitude, it is both adeclaration of intent as well as an autobiographical work.The album has received rave reviews from critics, has been featured on the cover ofMondo Sonoro ma-gazine, and hasbeen selected by a range of different websites andpublications as one of the best albums of the year.