The dance floor is political, fun is never as innocent as they portray it, and love dramas are rarely a unique experience. Rocío talks about everything that happens before, during, and after the dance: disappointments, sex with and without love, toxic relationships, the fulfillment of being the owner of your destiny for as many hours as possible… but also the insomnia resulting from work stress and lack of money, and the need for certain hedonism to forget everything from time to time.

And this is what Rocío conveys to the fullest extent in her live shows. Full of surprises and guests, they become true celebrations of individuality that are equivalent to letting down your hair in front of the mirror, tousling it, and leaving any place with a fresh air. Rocío invites us to change what we need to change in order to flow and celebrate our essence, to recognize ourselves, respect ourselves, and celebrate ourselves. Let’s embrace this invitation.