Geography plays an important role in explaining who Selva Nua are. Joana Jové (vocals, guitar and compositions), Adrià Garcia (bass) and Gerard Català (drums) come from different villages around Lleida: Vilanova de Segrià, Les Borges Blanques and Els Omellons. But they live strategically distributed between Barcelona, Tarragona and Girona. This distance was not a problem, but an incentive for them to record a song called “Nuvolosa” at the height of the pandemic, which -surprisingly- opened some doors for them.

This 2022 they have released “Momentani”, which arrives now to reveal itself as a real breath of fresh air for our music scene. The eight tracks on the album combine a pop sonority with soul influences and nods to lo-fi music, introspective and evocative lyrics, singular, different and surprising melodies, nostalgic synthesizers, measured guitars, emblematic bass lines and tenacious drums… With references ranging from Alice Phoebe Lou to Men I Trust, via Faye Webster or Yellow Days.