“Socunbohemio” is the alias of the young Barcelonan Artur Viñas. He is accompanied in production by Biel Colomer (Massaviu) and is part of the live band, which is completed with Òscar Acón and Gerard López. The project was born in 2018, but it wasn’t until 2020 with the release of the EP “Les coses que no et diré mai” that it began to gain followers prominently. In 2023, his much-anticipated debut album, “Contes de les Quatre Estacions,” is released, making him one of the most promising figures in the current Catalan scene. Socunbohemio gives us a preview of his upcoming project set to be released in 2024, featuring the two singles “La vida mentrestant” and “El món s’acaba aquí.”