Singer and guitarist Jason Pierce formed Spiritualized from the ashes of Spacemen 3, retaining their more melodic and melancholic essence.

Spiritualized evolved from the hypnotic sounds of their early material and incorporated elements of gospel and blues, as well as touches of melancholic orchestral pop that were inspired by the album Teenage symphonies to God by American power pop band Velvet Crush.

The band reached a new dimension with the lush atmospheres and melancholic beauty of their 1997 classic Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space and found international chart success with the 2001 album Let It Come Down. With a creative process involving songwriting, recording and mixing that strives for absolute perfection, Spiritualized’s albums were released gradually throughout the 2010s and 2020s, with long gaps between albums such as 2012’s Sweet Heart, Sweet Light, and 2018’s And Nothing Hurt.

In 2022 Spiritualized released Everything Was Beautiful, an album cooked up during the pandemic. An album where Spaceman (the nickname Jason Pierce adopts) plays 16 different instruments, which was recorded in 11 different studios, in addition to his home. He also incorporated over 30 musicians and singers, including his daughter Poppy, long-time collaborator and friend John Coxon, string and brass sections, choirs and bells and chimes from the historic Whitechapel Bell Foundry.

An album full of nuances that is sublimated in its live performance and that will leave no one indifferent.