STANDSTILL is a musical group from Barcelona with a career that spans from 1997. Their music, a blend of indie rock and post-hardcore, has left a profound mark on the Catalan alternative music scene. With evocative lyrics and emotionally charged live performances, they have become a revered band among fans.

The Barcelona-based band will return starting from the summer of 2024 with their latest lineup, consisting of Enric Montefusco, Ricky Falkner, Pitio Elvira, and Ricky Lavado. Standstill haven’t graced a stage since their performances immortalized on the CD-DVD “Estaría muy bien,” which took place on October 1st and 3rd, 2015, at Sala Apolo in Barcelona. This marked the end of nineteen years in action, seven studio albums, and over five hundred memorable concerts.