From the four corners of Europe and the Middle East, hell-bound for fame and mayhem, The Gulps are a rock’n’roll band based in North London.

Originally from a small town in La Rioja, vocalist Javier and his Basque punk guitarist Juan Carlos, chased their teenage obsessions with English rock bands to London.

They met their bandmates at the Institute Of Contemporary Music Performance: bassist Simon Mouchard, from Nantes (France), drummer Raoul Khayat, from Beirut (Lebanon), and guitarist Francesco Buffone, from Calabria (southern Italy).

When Francesco saw Alan McGee, Creation Records legend and discoverer of bands like Oasis and The Libertines, in a café in Borough Market in 2020, he wasn’t going to let the perfect manager for The Gulps slip through his fingers. So he signed them to his new label “It’s Creation Baby”.

And in the words of Alan McGee: “The Gulps are really brilliant, they’ve just recorded four songs that are potential singles and their frontman, Harry, is a star, a fucking superstar. Most bands I’m attracted to have a charismatic vocalist, and he’s fabulous, one of the best frontmen I’ve ever had. Plus, they’re hard workers. I’ve just gone and put an advert for them on the BBC. I think they’re going to do really well”.