“Hello, Hi” unveils a new sonic space, blending love songs with a sense of unconsciousness. Ty, mostly solo, crafts a spiny backbone with acoustic and electric guitars, and harmonious vocals. The album’s textures, both gentle and dissonant, guide melodic arcs filled with doubt, bliss, and rage. From sweet reflections to the abrupt electrifying title track, the album navigates through contrasts and contradictions. Ty dives into the complexities of life, exploring love-triggered loathing and the cyclical return to challenging situations. “Hello, Hi” echoes Ty’s earlier works, combining relaxation with a complete fusion of words and music. In this production, he grapples with a tumultuous time, offering abstraction and acceptance. Through clarity and confusion, Ty charts an honest passage through life’s enduring tangles. His dedication to art and his ability to keep the spirit of rock and roll alive in modern times make him a perfect choice for our festival. His performance promises not only to be a highlight of this edition but also a vibrant celebration of rock music in its purest and most exciting form. Get ready for an unforgettable experience with Ty Segall at the Vida Festival!