Festival Internacional
de Vilanova i la Geltrú
4th, 5th and 6th July




Tickets and passes

Consult the general terms & conditions of your ticket here

What is the official sales channel?

Ticketmaster is the only official sales channel for Vida Festival. Vida Festival does not guarantee the authenticity of tickets or passes purchased anywhere other than through the official sales channel.


Can I return my ticket?
I had trouble purchasing my ticket. How can I contact the company in charge?

For incidents and enquiries, contact info@vidafestival.com

Will there be one-day tickets available? What about tickets for the various events?

Yes, they will be made available a few months before the festival. One-day tickets grant entry to the concerts held at La Masia d’en Cabanyes and the other parallel activities for a single day.


Can I pick up my tickets in person somewhere or are eTickets the only option available?

Tickets must be purchased online on our website using the Ticketmaster platform. This is the only official sales channel. Tickets are 100% electronic and come in a mobile ticket format. There is no option to receive or collect tickets in paper or any other format. You can find more information here.

Can I use my Vida ticket to promote my company, website, product or event?

No, ticket holders and/or third parties are not entitled to use their ticket or its content for advertising, marketing or promotional purposes (including contests, giveaways or sweepstakes).

Failure to comply will result in a penalty for the advertiser or unauthorized user equivalent to 1,000 times the price of the most expensive ticket. If you are an advertiser and you are interested in receiving authorization for such purposes, please contact patrocinia@vidafestival.com.


Do I need to bring my ticket printed?

Tickets can only be presented in a mobile ticket format. Mobile tickets are downloaded directly to your mobile phone. You cannot print, email or take a screenshot of them. To scan your ticket you will have to show it on your mobile phone from your Ticketmaster account or the app. Click here to see how.

How do I access the festival venue?

Upon arriving at the festival, you must show your eTicket on your mobile phone using the app or your personal Ticketmaster account so the QR code may be scanned. This code will be linked to the corresponding wristband the first time you access the venue. You must wear the wristband for the entire duration of the activity for which the ticket was purchased (Wildside, Pass, One-day ticket, etc.) and it will be scanned every time you enter and exit the festival venue.

Under no circumstances will wristbands be given to users without being placed on their wrists by a member of the organization.

If I take off my wristband or lose it, will I be allowed back into the venue?

No, the removal or loss of your wristband will result in the loss of the right of admission. Your ticket will only be exchanged for a wristband the first time your access the venue. Once your ticket has been scanned, your wristband is the only valid pass to access the venue, and you are responsible for its care and conservation. The organization will not issue a second wristband or exchange or replace them. The organizer reserves the right to deny any user whose wristband is broken, damaged or shows signs of tampering access to the venue.

If I can only come one of the days, can I give my wristband to a friend?

No, tickets are personal and non-transferable. The ticket or invitation grants the holder a license to attend the corresponding show one time. This ticket may not be resold.

Can I exit and re-enter the festival venue?

Yes, if you exit the venue before 3:00 am. After this time, you will not be allowed to re-enter.

Are animals allowed?

No animals of any kind may enter the festival venue, except for guide dogs for the blind.


Can children and minors under 18 enter the festival?

Yes, the conditions of entry to the event for minors are as follows:

  • Minors aged 0 to 15: Must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian and present a signed authorization.
  • Minors aged 16 and older: May access the venue unaccompanied so long as they present an authorization signed by their father, mother or legal guardian, and the release of liability form.

The father, mother or legal guardian must present their identity document and family book or equivalent legal document that certifies the relationship between the companion and the minor. Moreover, they must carry their ID document on their person at all times in case the Organization should need to verify their identity. Likewise, all minors will be identified with a wristband which they must wear visibly at all times.

If the minor’s companion is neither their father, mother, or legal guardian, the companion must present an authorization signed by the minor’s father, mother or legal guardian and a photocopy of the latter’s ID document and the family book or equivalent legal document that certifies the relationship of the authorizing person with the minor. The authorized companion must be over 18 years old.

In any case, the person responsible for the minor must sign a release of liability form which will be provided by the Organization.

The companion will be responsible for any action or omission by the minor while they are at the Event.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, if the competent authorities and/or the applicable regulations prohibit the access of minors to the Event, the Organization will not accept the ticket and will refund the price thereof.

Do children have to pay for admission?

Yes, children over 3 years old must have a valid ticket to enter and will be given a wristband. Children aged 0 to 2 years old enter for free.

Is authorization necessary?

Yes, to access the venue, a duly completed authorization form must be presented. You can download it here

Minors will not be allowed access to the venue without first submitting this authorization.

Will there be a special area for children? What activities will be held there?

Yes, there is a children’s area located in the Vida Festival venue called El Niu. In 2023, we will once again have storytellers, music contests for the music schools of Vilanova i la Geltrú, and concerts. And, like every year, we have the grove and workshop area, featuring an activity programme for all age groups (from 0 to 12 years).

El Niu is open from 5:00 to 9:00 pm every day.

*Here you will find all the information and schedules

Will there be changing tables?

Yes, there will be changing tables available in El Niu.

Are prams allowed in the festival venue?

Yes, provided there is always an adult in charge of them. In El Niu, there is a space where you can park your pram while you enjoy the workshops.

Will there be children’s safety earmuffs for rent?

Yes, you can rent children’s safety earmuffs at the information point. A deposit will be required. There will be a limited number of earmuffs available.


Can I reach the venue on foot?

Yes. The Masia d’en Cabanyes is on the outskirts of the city, about 20 minutes walking from the city centre; although the best way to get here is by bicycle. Bicycle and car parking will be available at all the festival venues. You can find more information here.

Will there be a bus service?

Yes, there will be shuttle buses from different points in Vilanova.

What is the best time to arrive at the festival?

We recommend arriving at the Masia d’en Cabanyes early to enjoy the first concerts and avoid rush hour.

Can I bring my bicycle to the festival?

Yes, all the venues will be equipped with bicycle parking. It’s the best way to park as close as possible to the festival and the perfect way to enjoy the weather and the city!

Will there be bicycles for rent?

No, there will be no bicycle rental service.

Will there be car and motorbike parking?

Yes, there is a paid parking area. You can consult the conditions here.

Where is the nearest taxi stand and pick up/drop off area?

There are taxis at the train and bus station, which is about a 20-minute walk from the festival. There will also be taxis at the main roundabout of Vida Festival, just 100 m from the main festival venue.

Where is the nearest gas station?

Five minutes from the festival, right next to the car park.

Where is the nearest bus station?

The bus station and train station are in the same location in the city centre, about 20 minutes walking from the festival. There will be shuttle buses running from all the festival venues to key locations in the city, including the train/bus station. Shuttle buses will also link the venues to each other and will be running every day of the festival and throughout the entire duration of the events.


How do I set up a food stand at the festival?

Send an email to restauracio@vidafestival.cat and we will inform you.

Can I bring water or beverages into the festival?

Only water can be brought into the festival. No other beverages or metal containers will be allowed in. When entering the venue, water bottles will be opened and the cap will be removed for security reasons.

Can I use drink tickets any day?

No, drink tickets will only be valid on the day they are purchased. Any unused tickets can be exchanged the next day at the ticket booths.

Will there be vegetarian and vegan food available at the festival venue? What about gluten-free options?

Yes, there will be vegan food at the venue, as well as gluten-free food. The stands with these options will be adequately signposted and can be consulted on the festival app. As for drinks, there will be gluten-free beer available.


What are the objects not allowed?

– Large umbrellas
– Backpacks >30L
– Bottles with stopper
– Electric scooters
– Suitcases
– Helmets
– Sprays
– Professional cameras
– Lights sticks
– Selfie sticks

What is considered a professional camera?

Professional cameras are those with a removable lens. This type of camera will not be allowed into the venue, but tablets, iPods, mobile phones, and non-professional cameras will be allowed.

Can I bring a backpack in? What size is allowed?

Yes, small- and medium-sized backpacks will be allowed in. Under no circumstances will large backpacks (maximum 30 l) be permitted. Backpacks may be subject to inspection when accessing the venue to ensure they do not contain alcohol or dangerous items.

Can I distribute flyers inside the festival? What about outside?

No. Neither inside nor outside. The Vida Festival already has official sponsors.


Will there be a coat check service?

Yes. It costs €2 per piece. You can pay by cash or card.

Will there be ATMs?

No, but you can pay by card at the bars, food stands and merchandising stands.

Will there be pay phones or charging points available?

No, these services will not be available.

Will there be festival security if needed?

Yes. There will be festival security officers who will safeguard the well-being of the festivalgoers.

Will there be sunglasses, caps, hats and sunscreen available for purchase?

No, unless sold at the festival’s merchandising stands or the Vida Market. Festivalgoers should bring anything they feel they need to enjoy the festival. In any case, you can buy whatever you need at the shops in the city centre.

Will there be emergency medical teams on-site?

Yes, Vida Festival has a medical service team available to festivalgoers. Contact any member of staff or security should you need assistance.

Will there be a lost and found?

Yes, it will be located at the information point at the festival entrance.

Will there be complaint forms available to festivalgoers?

Yes, there will be complaint forms available at the festival incident points, located at the main entrances outside the venue. You can also fill out a Catalan Consumer Agency complaint form.